What are Airdrops? A Brief Intro to Getting Free Cryptocurrency

What are Cryptocurrency Airdrops?

An airdrop is basically free cryptocurrency distributed to the community, with the objective being to gain attention, encourage adoption or to facilitate fairness and equality. The airdrop could either occur as part of an ICO during a coins launch, such as with Ontology (ONT). Alternatively, it could be part of an ongoing distribution, such is the case with Byteball.

How Do I Take Part in an Airdrop?

What you will need to do to take part in an airdrop will depend on the project in question and its objectives. Projects that are looking for publicity during their launch may require you to retweet them in order to take part.

Others that are aiming to increase adoption may require you to hold the crypto that the coin is being launched on e.g. holding Ethereum, NEO or Quantum. Alternatively, to claim airdrops for coins that have already launched you may need to hold the coin in question. Finally, some more exclusive airdrops may need you to apply directly by messaging the team or developers.

How do I Claim Airdropped Tokens?

In order to claim your free tokens, you will need to read up on the airdrop in question. Some will be distributed automatically just by holding a certain type of coin, to claim others you may need to register or link a specific address.

How Do I Sell Airdropped Tokens?

Once you have received your tokens, you will need to send them to an exchange, such as Bitfinex or Binance. If the tokens are being distributed as part of an ICO, you may need to wait for them to be listed. Head over to the specific website for details.

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