Volkswagen Announce ‘Cooperation’ with IOTA at Bosch CW Conference

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In a talk given today at the Bosch Connected World IOT 2018 conference in Berlin, Volkswagen CDO Johann Jungwirth announced that the group are partnering up with the IOTA foundation. One of IOTAs main use cases is to act as a medium of exchange for M2M transactions for internet of things devices, with Jungwirth hinting at how IOTA could be used for self-paying vehicles. Bosch also excitedly tweeted about the talk.

We have known IOTA have been working in the field of autonomous vehicles and smart charging technology for EVs for a while now, so it is not surprising to see another large manufacturer come on board with the foundation. Although, we are carefully managing expectations. The use of the word ‘cooperation’ in the slide seems very intentional, given the debacle with the Microsoft Partnership. Regardless, we are excited to see how this plays out.

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