QuarkChain ICO Analysis | High Capacity P2P Network & DApp Platform

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Key Information

  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Available in Sale: 20%
  • Hard Cap: $20 million
  • Market Cap: $100 million
  • Token Type: ERC-20 initially before launch of mainnet
  • Ticker: QKC
  • Pre-Sale: Private pre-sale full
  • Whitelist & KYC: Deadline for KYC May 20th, see below for details
  • Weekly Bonuses: n/a
  • Volume Bonuses: n/a
  • Token Distribution Date: TBA
  • Website: https://quarkchain.io/
  • Announcements: Find updates at the QuarkChain News Telegram channel

Warning: Many scammers are trying to take advantage of the QuarkChain ICO. Only join official Telegram channels!

QuarkChain KYC Step-by-Step Explanation

  1. Join QuarkChain Telegram and begin chatting with QKC bot.
  2. Type ‘/start’, then ‘access code’ to get your code for KYC. Follow the link from the chat bot to complete KYC.
  3. You will then be assigned a score up to 100%, with only those >60% able to join the lottery for a chance to contribute.
  4. Score will be weighted with the following: 30% for how early you joined a QuarkChain Telegram channel, 20% for contribution to the project e.g. producing analysis content, videos, whitepaper translations, taking part in testnet, 50% for project understanding assessed through a quiz. Find out more here.
9.3 Total Score
QuarkChain ICO Review

QuarkChain is a project aiming to build a high capacity blockchain that addresses the issue of scalability without compromising decentralization. This will be achieved with a two layer approach, whereby the first layer utilizes sharding technology to create high-throughput and the second Root Chain layer serves to confirm the transactions of the sharding layer. Mining centralization will be reduced through allowing multiple nodes to form Clusters, which allows supernodes to be formed by smaller miners without requiring significant resources.

Market Size
Token Utility
Product Development
Social Signals
  • Compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), meaning DApps currently built on Ethereum can migrate to QuarkChain.
  • Already demonstrated 2000+ transactions per second in testnet, with target of 10,000 TPS. Other projects near this range have a significantly higher market cap.
  • Mining clusters made up of many smaller miners grouped together makes GPU mining viable and will help to prevent mining centralization. Overall this should lead to a more decentralized, secure and robust network.
  • Massive Telegram reaching 85,000+ members has resulted in huge market awareness. Will benefit QuarkChain massively when it comes to testing the network, looking for bugs and developing applications.
  • Development of on-chain developer tools to build mobile DApps for for Android devices should help to encourage adoption.
  • The team are focusing on development heavily before establishing partnerships and encouraging projects to build on the platform. Whilst this is certainly important, it could hurt them in the long term if other projects scaling tech catches up.
  • Trying to build a highly scalable blockchain is very competitive, with many projects focusing heavily on achieving high TPS. It is also important to consider how many developers are building on Ethereum and the power of the network effect as a result. That said, the fact QuarkChain is compatible with EVM should help to mitigate this.
  • Should scaling solutions like Lightning Network for Bitcoin and Raiden Network for Ethereum become highly successful, projects built only to solve scalability could become redundant. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty and speculation surrounding these projects.
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