Oyster Shell Tokens to be Distributed to Pearl Holders in Airdrop

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Decentralized website monetization and storage project Oyster Pearl have recently announced they will be distributing their new token Oyster Shell via an airdrop. Shell tokens are designed for utility and will be used to pay for connectivity and DAPP usage in the Oyster ecosystem. They will be distributed to all holders of Pearl, with the total supply of Shell tokens eventually matching that of Pearl. Find out key details about the Oyster Shell airdrop below.

Oyster Shell Airdrop Key Info

How Do I Register for the Shell Airdrop?

  • You do not need to register for the SHL airdrop, all you need to do is hold PRL. At this moment the only exchange rumored to be taking part is Kucoin, but the Oyster team recommend storing PRL in a personal wallet to ensure SHL tokens are received e.g. My Ether Wallet.

When is the Shell Airdrop?

  • The snapshot of the PRL blockchain will occur on 6th April 2018, with the airdrop taking place shortly after.

How Many Shell Tokens Will I Receive?

  • SHL tokens will be distributed in a 1:1 ratio to PRL i.e. for every one PRL token you hold you will get 1 SHL.

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