Ledger Nano S Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

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How Much Will the Ledger Nano X and S be on Black Friday 2020?

The Ledger Nano experienced massive demand following the infamous bull run at the end of 2017 and into the beginning of 2020. So much so that it was constantly sold out and Ledger were able to charge a premium for the device. Since then, the markets have certainly calmed down, and with it the demand for Ledger hardware wallets. What does this mean for Ledger Nano Black Friday deals? Read on for our price predictions for 2020.

Ledger Nano Price Prediction

As a result of the falling demand, we have seen the price of the Ledger Nano steadily falling over the past year. It’s likely Ledger also massively scaled up production to cope with the demand, but are now left with surplus stock. Based on this, plus evidence of past Black Friday Ledger deals, we think there is a good chance for discounts this year.

Past sales indicate the deals could be in the area of 20% off on the basic model on Amazon. However, reports are suggesting that on Ledgers own site the Black Friday deals are due to be in the region of 40% off! Sales will include both Ledger Nano X and S models.


Ledger Nano S Black Friday Price Prediction

Cyber Monday could also be one to watch. The deals day has been growing in popularity in past years and we think there it is also worth looking out for Ledger Nano Cyber Monday offers too. Although, sometimes it can be a risk if stocks do not last the weekend. We’ll leave you to make that decision… Not sure what Ledger is all about? Read on for a brief overview.

What is the Ledger Nano S?

The Ledger Nano is one of the most popular hardware wallets available for storing your cryptocurrency safely offline. The device supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including big names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and a wide range of alt-coins. Over 700 are actually included, too many to list here! So see a full list of supported crypto assets here. Additionally, many new projects are scheduled to be added in the future, check out the roadmap for more info.

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