IOTA Trinity Wallet Review & Beginners Guide

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One of the obstacles to more widespread crypto adoption is often said to be a lack of user friendly software and well designed UIs. IOTA is no stranger to these constraints, with its native wallet suffering from many bugs and user issues. It’s no secret that it has long been in need of a facelift, but now the wait is over!

Today, in conjunction with the community-driven Trinity project, the IOTA Foundation announced the long awaited Trinity wallet. Gone are the days (hopefully) of attaching to the Tangle, re-attaching, restarting, reinstalling, then fiddling with node configurations that you don’t understand… IOTA finally has the wallet it deserves. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the Trinity mobile wallet beta release!

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IOTA Trinity Wallet Review Summary

The long awaited Trinity wallet for IOTA is truly a pleasure to use. It is sleek and intuitive, with usability at the forefront of the design scheme. Yes the release may have taken a while longer than expected, but no corners have been cut when it comes to security - with multiple independent audits to verify its safety, or support - with a suite of helpful docs and a help center where you can report bugs, suggest features or improvements, get technical support and more! The Trinity wallet truly completes the IOTA ecosystem.

Ease of Use
Development Team
  • Simple and intuitive design that focuses on creating a great user experience. Nice dashboard doubles up as a portfolio tracker for your IOTA.
  • Detailed roadmap shows the team are committed to continuously improving the wallet. Includes support for hard wallets, finally!
  • Great help center for suggesting improvements, reporting bugs and getting technical support - a feature often missing from wallets but something that is incredibly important for adoption by non-technical people.
  • Moving from the old IOTA wallet was seamless, all you need is your seed!
  • The Trinity wallet is still a little light on features. For example, it would be nice to see IOTA to fiat/crypto exchanges. However, as mentioned in the roadmap, security is of upmost importance and no new features will be released if they are thought to be insecure in any way.
  • Currently the mobile wallet does not support background processes, meaning the App has to be open and on screen to process transactions. This could be a minor issue if the network is extremely congested and transactions are slowed. That said, the wallet is still in Beta and background processes are still in development.
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Need help? Check out our IOTA Trinity wallet tutorial below.


IOTA Trinity Wallet Guide


How to Download & Install Trinity Beta Mobile Wallet

Step 1: Go to the Trinity wallet website and click download in the top right corner. As it is still in Beta and only available on mobile, you will need to register to test on an IOS device with Testflight or an Android device with Google Play.

How to download the trinity wallet for IOTAStep 2: Complete the onscreen steps and download the relevant testing App. For IOS users, download Testflight from the App store and use the redeem code sent in the email to access the Trinity App. For Android, follow instructions from Google Play.

How to Setup Trinity Wallet for Mobile

Step 1: Open the Trinity wallet App and select your language. You will now need to enter or generate a new seed – your private account details that are used to access your funds. If you have an existing seed from the old IOTA wallet, then you do not need to create a new one so select ‘No’, enter your seed and skip to step 5. If not, select yes to create your new seed.

Create a new seed or use your old one

Step 2: Press the button to generate a random seed, then click 5 – 10 characters to further randomize it.

Generate seed

Step 3: It is extremely important to backup your seed somewhere safe and secure, as anyone with it can access your account and if you lose it you cannot recover your funds. For ease of use, we recommend a password manager like LastPass, but the most secure way is to write it down.

Backup seed

Step 4: Follow the on screen instructions and confirm you have backed up your seed. Your clipboard will then be cleared and you will have to re-enter to confirm it is properly backed up.

Step 5: Choose your account name and then create a password. Again, we recommend using LastPass to generate and store a random, secure password. After setup, you can create multiple accounts and change your password in Settings.

Create account

Step 6: Follow all the on-screen instructions to finish setting up your Trinity wallet. Be sure not to close the App when the wallet is loading the seed for the first time!

IOTA Trinity wallet review and tutorial

Step 7: As an extra security precaution, we recommend heading to Settings, Security Settings and setting up 2FA or Biometric authentication. You can also change appearance settings here by selecting Theme, change currencies and more.

Trinity security settings

Trinity wallet does not yet support background processes, so keep the App open and on-screen when performing transactions!

Send IOTA with Trinity Wallet

Step 1: Open the App and select Send. Choose the account you want to send from, then enter the recipient address or use your camera to scan the recipients QR code.

Step 2: Next enter the amount you wish to send or drag send max to send your entire balance. Be sure to select the right IOTA unit by tapping the icon at the far right of the Amount box. This will depend on the value of your transaction, but most day to day payments will likely be in Mi.

Send IOTA with trinity wallet

Step 3: Enter a message to help identify the transaction and hit send! You can check its status under Pending in the History tab.

Receive IOTA with Trinity Wallet

Step 1: Select Receive, then select New Address to generate a recipient address.

Receive IOTA with Trinity wallet

Step 2: Copy your address and pass it on to whoever is sending you the funds, or paste it into an exchange. Alternatively, the sender can scan the QR code.

That just about sums up our Trinity wallet tutorial, however there are some more advanced settings for the wallet that you may be interested in. If so, check out the links below for more info. You should be aware that it is currently only a beta release for mobile, so there may still be some minor bugs and many more features are due to be added. We will be sure to update this IOTA Trinity wallet guide as and when this happens!

Useful Resources

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Official Website:


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