How to Take Part in the Lexit Airdrop with Ethereum

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What is the Project About?

Lexit is a decentralized marketplace for trading business assets such as intellectual property, copyrights, patents, or even whole startups! The team are also building a platform to enable streamlining of mergers and acquisitions, which they claim will be around four times as fast and cost only a quarter of a traditional M & A.

Recently it was announced that 2% of the total LXT supply would be gifted to the community via an airdrop. Since the platform is built on top of the Ethereum network, you will need to own Ethereum in order to claim the drop. Find out more about the Lexit airdrop below.

Lexit Airdrop Key Info

How Do I Register for the Lexit Airdrop?

  • The Lexit airdrop is open to everyone. In order to register, you will need to head to the airdrop section on the website and complete two of the actions, such as following Lexit on Twitter, joining their Telegram, Subscribe to their sub Reddit etc. 
  • You then need to fill out your name, email and enter your Ethereum address. It is recommended to use My Ether Wallet to ensure support for the tokens. Once this is all done you will be sent an email confirmation, be sure to click the subscribe link in the email or you will not receive your tokens!

When is the Lexit Airdrop?

  • The airdrop will occur on February 28th.

How Many Lexit Tokens Will I Receive?

  • 80 LXT will be sent  to the ether address you provided a short time after the registration closes.

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