Etherbots Launches in Beta on Rinkeby Testnet | How to Take Part

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Etherbots is an innovative new blockchain-based game that combines the collectible nature of Cryptokitties with a complex battle system. Built on top of the Ethereum network, Etherbots utilizes smart contract functionality to allow users to collect and battle virtual robots in a strategy based format.

The pre-sale crates containing 4 robot parts completely sold out with the site receiving millions of visits over the launch month, which has left the community eager for more. That day has now come! On the Etherbots Discord & Reddit it was announced today that the game would be opening up to a public testnet beta on Rinkeby. This will allow users to experiment with building, trading and battling Etherbots without any risk involved.

How to Take Part In the Etherbots Testnet

Step 1: Get ETH on the Rinkeby Testnet using Metamask

If you would like to take part in the Etherbots testnet, you will need to download Metamask – if you are not familiar with Metamask, check out our getting started guide. Otherwise, open Metamask and in the top left click ‘Rinkeby Testnet’. You will now need to head to the Rinkeby faucet in order to send yourself some fake ETH to play with on the testnet.

You can do this by either requesting directly from the Rinkeby Faucet – which has a cooldown period of 8 hours for 3 ETH, 1 day for 7.5 ETH and 3 days for 18.75 ETH. To do this, follow the instructions on the page to link a social account and the ETH should arrive in your Metamask wallet shortly. Secondly, you can also request ETH directly from the Etherbots discord. Whichever method you use, simply copy your Rinkeby testnet ETH address from Metamask in order to receive funds.

Step 2: Get Testnet Robots!

Head over to the Etherbots website whilst logged into Metamask set to Rinkby Testnet. To get robot crates, click the ‘Get Testnet Robots’ tab and follow the instructions on page and on Metamask. Next, click the far left tab ‘Play on Testnet’ to get to the battling and trading platform!

Step 3: Migrate your Testnet Robots

Once on the platform you will need to migrate your robots. To do this, on the first page you come to when you click through from the main website, scroll down and click the ‘Migrate’ button. Follow the on page instructions and you are good to go! You can now begin battling and trading. In need of a little helping hand? Check out the material below or head over to the Discord channel.

Etherbots Battle Info

If you would like to check out some of the Etherbots battle info before you start playing with the testnet, here are a couple of useful resources:


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