How to Take Part in the Elementh Airdrop on Ethereum

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What is the Project About?

Elementh is a project that is aiming to create a protocol designed for the development of DAPPs used in e-commerce. It differs from the likes of Syscoin and Particl in that it is not a decentralized marketplace, but rather a platform on which they can be built on top of tailored to the needs of such DAPPs. These features will include a standard quality nomenclature, guaranteeing ownership of particular products and special e-commerce smart contracts. Find out more in the whitepaper.

Elementh Airdrop Key Info

How Do I Register for the Elementh Airdrop?

  • Head to the website, click sign up in the top right and fill out your details. Be sure to use an Eth address that supports tokens, such as My Ether Wallet. Then confirm your email and once logged in click the ‘Airdrop’ tab. Next click the button to join the Telegram channel, now head back to the website and click check my airdrop status to make sure your account is confirmed!

When is the Elementh Airdrop?

  • Open for registrations right now, end date not yet set.

How Many Elementh Coins Will I Receive?

  • 2% of the total Elementh supply is being distributed via airdrop between all those that sign up. The total supply is 303,000,000 EEE, so 6,060,000 will be distributed. You can also earn more tokens by referring new users, so share your link with your colleagues!

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