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Bolt ICO Token Metrics & Key Info

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Available in Sale: 40% of total supply
  • Hard Cap: $12 million
  • Market Cap: $30 million
  • Token Type: NEP5 initially, moving to Zilliqa tokens after mainnet launch
  • Ticker: BOLT
  • Pre-Sale: TBA
  • Whitelist: TBA
  • Public Sale Live: TBA
  • Weekly Bonuses: TBA
  • Volume Bonuses: TBA
  • Token Distribution Date: 30 days after token generation event
  • Website:
4.9 Total Score
Bolt ICO Review

Bolt is an existing mobile digital entertainment platform for streaming live TV, sports highlights, news and original content, as well as playing games. Optimized for use in emerging markets that are limited by data bandwidth, the company claim the Bolt App uses 12x less data than YouTube streaming. The Bolt Network is an extension of the App that is aiming to decentralize their current entertainment platform. It targets those in the developing world who lack bank accounts and credit/debit cards, introducing a cheaper and easier way to access digital entertainment than through high commission Telco payment gateways. The Bolt token is required to pay for content on the platform, but users can also earn tokens for completing tasks such as publishing or reviewing content and translation tasks like subtitling. The project also plans to offer education in collaboration with Oxademy in the future.

Market Size
Token Utility
Product Development
Social Signals
  • Bolt is the first DApp to be built and released on high-throughput blockchain project Zilliqa, which was one of the most hyped ICOs of late 2017/early 2018. We think this will draw a lot of attention to Bolt as the crypto community is eager to see how Zilliqa performs as a platform.
  • The Bolt App launched in late May already has 5000+ downloads on Google Play, which should help adoption of the token and platform. Other mechanisms to encourage token usage include discounts and premium content only accessible when paying with Bolt. New users will also be gifted tokens on sign-up.
  • Telegram is growing fast, with 9000+ members already despite no whitepaper release and minimal marketing efforts.
  • Existing partnerships with content providers including Aljazeera, Channel News Asia and Discovery Channel add value to potential consumers.
  • The Bolt token has good utility in the platform as it is used to pay for content, but also can be earnt by users for performing tasks - which should also help to build an ecosystem around the platform.
  • Building on Zilliqa has its downsides as the project is still in the testnet stages of development, with mainnet launch already pushed back from Q2 2018 to Q3 2018. Bolt is dependent on the development of the Zilliqa platform, which could suffer more complications that further delay mainnet launch, so it carries more risk than building on established platforms like Ethereum. Whether these risks are outweighed by the attention of being the first DApp remains to be seen.
  • Before migrating to Zilliqa, Bolt is initially launching as an NEP-5 token on Neo. Compared to ERC-20 tokens, NEP-5 are supported on far less exchanges and so suffer from lower liquidity.
  • No whitepaper or MVP to assess yet, plus website and roadmap were not particularly detailed with no target dates to achieve goals.
  • Team are all experienced in their fields, but have no experience developing blockchain applications and we could not find any software developers listed either.
  • Other social aspects could do with improving. Twitter has ~1600 followers but this is not specific to the DApp, and there is no Sub Reddit.
  • The fact that users can pay with fiat money or Bolt tokens could limit token adoption. Even though there are savings to be made by paying with tokens, people tend to stick to what they know.
  • Despite the fact that Bolt uses way less data, YouTube is still one of the largest content providers in the world and people still have access to WIFI in Africa and Asia - although with varying speeds. As such, they are still in competition and this limits the size of the market.
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How the Bolt ecosystem functions

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