Bluzelle Blockchain Database Partners with – Chinas Largest Retailer

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Bluzelle is a decentralized database solution designed for DAPPs. However, where it differs from a lot of other similar projects is that it focuses on storage of data fields rather than storage of files. The advantages of this are that it allows data to be stored in a structured and organised way, realizing far greater functionality than file storage.

Earlier in the year Bluzelle announced their first wave of collaborations, which included 0x, Zilliqa and Bee Token. Whilst these are certainly decent partnerships with some fairly high profile blockchain projects, they had yet to break out of the space and collaborate with any regular old companies.

Now in a recent blog post the company detailed how they are partnering up with, China’s largest retailer by revenue and the 3rd largest e-commerce company in the world! are a NASDAQ-listed company and a major competitor to Alibaba in China and, more recently, Amazon in Europe. are reportedly building what they are calling an AI Catapult Accelerator designed for AI and Blockchain startups, with Bluzelle working on addressing infrastructural and data storage challenges to help fully unlock the potential of these projects in supply chain management. The move comes shortly after joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) in late 2017.

However, it doesn’t end there, as Bluzelle CEO Pavel Bains believes the diversity of’s business gives rich opportunities to provide additional services. In the blog post he said:

We see being a potential consumer and producer on our network. As a consumer, we can explore specific use cases where can store some of their data on the Bluzelle protocol, thus getting the security, scalability and reliability our blockchain powered network can provide. Because also offers cloud computing services, we can explore them being producers by providing some of the decentralized nodes where data can be stored.

This is an extremely exciting partnership and we look forward to seeing how the tech giant and blockchain startup develop the industry in the future.

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