BloXroute ICO Review | Blockchain Agnostic Scaling Infrastructure

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Key Information

  • Total Supply: TBA
  • Available in Sale: TBA
  • Hard Cap: TBA
  • Market Cap: TBA
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Ticker: BLXR
  • Pre-Sale: TBA
  • Whitelist: TBA
  • Public Sale Live: TBA
  • Weekly Bonuses: TBA
  • Volume Bonuses: TBA
  • Token Distribution Date: TBA
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BloXroute ICO Review

BloXroute is a blockchain agnostic infrastructure project designed to help any cryptocurrency scale to thousands of transactions per second on-chain. This is achieved through taking a different approach, addressing the network throughput bottleneck issue by creating a blockchain delivery network (BDN) that optimizes data distribution and information propagation. The project is still in its infancy, with little effort put into marketing. As such, it currently does not score well in several areas.

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  • The scaling solution is chain and protocol agnostic, meaning it can be used to help scale any blockchain project. If successful, the scope of the project is enormous, since many cryptocurrencies that have experienced large scale usage have ran into scaling problems.
  • Small, but highly commendable, team consisting of researchers and computer scientists from Cornell and Northwestern Universities. This professionalism is reflected in their research-style whitepaper.
  • Co-founders Emin Gun Sirer and Soumya Basu have proven their worth already through creating the Falcon Network in 2016 - a Bitcoin relay network that reduces orphan blocks to increase network efficiency and aid scaling.
  • Notable crypto VCs including Metastable, 1confirmation and Flybridge Capital have backed the company, investing a total of $1.6 million. It is also the first relay-network type project to receive extensive funding.
  • The use of bloXroute requires no consensus or protocol change, only to update the system parameters, which should aid adoption.
  • The network is 'provably neutral' meaning it cannot censor the network or prevent any node from sending or receiving blocks or censor networks in any other way. Therefore it has a significant advantage over current relay networks that are able to discriminate nodes and give preferential treatment.
  • Although the team are highly accomplished, with only 4 main members and 4 advisors it is a little small given the magnitude and scope of this project.
  • Currently the code is not open source with no GitHub, so the progress and quality of the project cannot be verified.
  • Only 50% of revenue from token sale is being assigned to the BLXR reserve - a pool of heterogeneous cryptocurrencies to which the BLXRs token is assigned. There is a lack of information currently about where the rest of the funds will be assigned.
  • The token has no utility in the bloXroute network and so would likely be classed as a security token. Therefore, some exchanges may be reluctant to list it.
  • BLXR tokens value is tied to the multiple cryptocurrencies that make up the BLXR-reserve, the idea being that as bloXroute is implemented as a scaling solution it will make those cryptos more valuable and the BLXR token will appreciate. 50% of bloXroute network fees are also paid into the reserve, which will further increase token value. However, this means that token appreciation is completely dependent on adoption and implementation over alternative scaling solutions.
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